Friday, March 10, 2006


Between this and the boobie post earlier this week, I'm going to earn myself a bad reputation here. Oh well. This is the sort of amazing find that is worth a bad reputation.

Frankly, what with the world being as freaky-deaky as it is, I'd be surprised if this was a new idea, but leave it up to those crazy Germans to take a zany idea like this waaaaay too literally.*

That's right - a group of brilliant German olfactory engineers are marketing a product that literally and intentionally smells like vagina, aptly named Vulva.

I'm not making this up. If you're not at work (or if you have a very understanding boss) you can take a look for yourself, right here (NSFW).

Highlights of this amazing site:
  • Right off the bat, we get a flash intro with a stylized vagina shooting towards the camera
  • Next up is the standard warning of explicit material that asks persons under the age of 18 (and persons who do not "enjoy juicy erotic") to leave the site. Note that they seem to have decided that the child-safe header image for this warning page should be an artistically-lit picture of a woman's lower belly and pubic hair.
  • The header text that follows you through the site claims that Vulva is an "Authentically Natural Vaginal Flavour" - I can't bring myself to delve into the implications of this statement
  • Press photos in a flash presentation on the site seem to be demonstrating the authenticity of said vaginal flavour by showing a random male audience member smelling a nude model's vagina, close-up, then giving the camera an enthusiastic thumbs-up
  • Horrifyingly, the site's FAQ promises a male version of this perfume in the near future

* For any Germans who take offense to this statement, how do you explain the popularity of this man:


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