Thursday, March 02, 2006


Rollerskating is a lot harder than I'd remembered. I remember hot-dogging it around a rink when I was 12 or 13 to the pumping sounds of Push it by Salt 'n' Pepa, doing my best to impress the older girls at the rink. What I don't remember is that rollerskating is, apparently, quite difficult.

Rajo rassled up the peeps for a trip out to the burbs on Sunday night. He picked that particular time of week because that was the time allotted to the weekly "Adult Skate" where only those old enough to imbibe alcohol legally are allowed inside. Why this is the exact cut-off, I can't say - it's certainly not because you can get beer during that time, lemme tell ya. I couldn't even get a bottle of iced tea - they poured it into a plastic cup, kindergarten-styles.

Anyway, we had naively assumed that the adult skate would be a good time for amateurs like us to come out and enjoy a relaxed night of bumbling around the rink. Not so. It turns out that adults take their Sunday night skate very seriously. These people were pros! The five of us were, I think, the only ones who weren't regulars at the rink, and the mad skillz of some of the older skaters left us absolutely bewildered and intimidated.

I should also point out that none of the ladies who came with us had big enough hair to fit in with the regulars. Remember that touching (yet troubling) love scene in the roller-rink from Monster? Yeah, that's pretty much how this place looked to us. I think that the clothes on our backs were the only things in the building that hadn't been around since at least 1990 - and that includes the nacho cheese sauce at the snack bar, and the vile pitcher of vile Fosters that we had at a vile Mississauga "pub" after we'd had enough skating action.

Next time, we're totally hitting the Family Skate. Maybe that will be more my speed. That way, when I'm showed-up by a hot-dogging 12- or 13-year-old, I'll be able to put him in his place without getting knifed.

Oh, and it was so dark in the rink that this is the only picture that I took that turned out.

Not much of an action shot, but at least Rajo is wearing skates in the picture.


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