Thursday, March 02, 2006

Giant Banana

Sometimes I like to give my posts clever names. Other times, a post called Giant Banana is exactly what you would think - a post about the biggest banana that I've ever seen in my life. This post fits into the latter category.

We spent so much time this morning trying to capture on film an accurate depiction of just how big this banana was that Sarah actually ended up being late for work. Hopefully our efforts will not have been in vain.

First we tried a picture of the banana beside a wine bottle. If the peel looks a bit funny, that's because the banana has already been peeled and rewrapped at this point.

Another wine-bottle comparison shot, this one from a lower angle to emphasize the greatness of this gargantuan fruit.

Next, a couple of shots of the banana dwarfing the bowl of cereal that it was originally intended only to garnish.

The banana is cut, allowing us a view of the rare DCP (Dual-Core Phenomenon) contributing to the abnormal size of this amazing specimen.

And finally, the banana is separated into its two halves, each the size of a normal banana.

Behold in all its glory, the Giant Banana!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the size of that banana makes me want to puke in my mouth

however - it is essential that we document these things in the name of science

1:52 PM  
Blogger Anthony Maragna said...

We are in the presence of Nicole Buckland, trained chef. She has informed us that this banana is the biggest fucking banana she has ever seen.
Now, the things that you could do with this banana are endless. You could feed a Filipino village with this banana. Instead, you are making fun of it and starving Filipino children.
The Filipino children damn you.
Also, Kyla, Nicole, Helen, Etai, Scott, Ollie and I damn you.
Damn you.
(We are attempting to order food and this post did not help us in our quest for take-out.)

11:41 PM  

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