Monday, July 18, 2005

Yet another post about cute things that are not Natalie Portman

It's true, the machismo factor of my blog is wilting in the presence of all these posts concerning kittens. That said, here comes another.

So we got some kittens on the weekend. I've still not found my digital camera since the big move, but when I do I will put up a few shots of the as-of-yet-unnamed critters. So far my investigations into their habits have revealed the following:

Kittens Like: Sleeping, hiding in corners, walking on my keyboard, wet food that smells like gross and eating paint chips and drywall bits that the electrician left on the floor as a parting gift.

Kittens Hate: The Shop Vac that I brought up to rid the room of paint chips and drywall.

Further results to follow.

Also, name suggestions are welcome. The all-black one is a girl, her brother is a grey tabby.


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