Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh Katie

I'm almost too embarrassed to post this at all, but I feel obligated to now that I've started my Tom Cruise Meltdown Countdown. But be warned, this is starting to get truly spooky.

I feel like I'm watching a cult abduction movie from the 80s. You know, the one where the daughter who has been missing for 2 years shows up at an airport trying to recruit new members for "The Family" and she doesn't recognize her family coming back from visiting Aunt Ginnie in Omaha. At least it's going to get good and exciting soon...I think that we're almost at the "Intervention" scene where Katie gets kidnapped back by her well-meaning family. Then Tom will have his Waco-style showdown with the authorities everyone will go out in a blaze of bazookas and tanks, and Steven Speilburg will be there to over-direct the whole thing into a documentary that will run for at least three hours.

Also, does anyone else find it creepy that doing a search on google images for "tom cruise katie holmes" brings up not one single picture of them together?


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