Friday, July 15, 2005

Hunk of Burning Love

Ok, so anyone who has not yet bothered to disable their MSN Today popup in Messenger has already read this, but that's ok because I just have two quick questions that I need answered:

1. Does anyone think that this is romantic? For real? Because I would expect to get dumped if I pulled this shit on someone. "'Honey, you make me hot,' he told his sweetheart, Malissa Kusiek. 'I hope I'm getting the point across that I'm on fire for you.'" Ok, barf. I may have a reputation for being overly tolerant of romantic tripe but this is so bad that it makes me want to punch this guy in the teeth.

2. When he says, "She wasn't expecting it. She had no clue," doesn't he worry that he's marrying a bit of an idiot? I mean, c'mon now...there were "about 100 people gathered" to see him climbing "a three metre hig scaffold" wearing "a cape doused in gasoline." Way to sneak that one out on her, Captain Subtlety. You obviously had help pulling this off from your trusty sidekick Unexpected Boy. For serious, what the hell did she think that he was doing? Starting a religion?


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