Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree

My family has a tradition where, about two weeks before Christmas, we head out into the woods at the Gillespie farm just outside of Orillia on a horse-drawn sled and cut ourselves a Christmas tree. This year, Sarah came along for the trip.

Sadly I forgot the camera in the van so I couldn't get a picture of Sarah while she was cutting it down, but it was awesome, lemme tell ya. Still, I did get a couple shots of her hauling the tree out of the woods.

Also, check out the wicked tree-scrunching machine!

It's funny, when you're out in the woods among the trees that are actually growing in the field, you tend to get a skewed perspective on the size of the tree that you're actually bringing home. Thus, even though we thought we were being quite conservative with our choice (our original goal was a 6-foot tree) we came home with a tree that, to be honest, totally dominates our living room.

Christmas totally rules.


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