Wednesday, October 05, 2005

When you work from home, you take co-workers where you can find them

So I am one of those work-at-homers known as a telecommuter - my boss works out of a home office herself, in Regina (and for those of you not from the area, there are islands in the Bahamas that are closer to Toronto than Regina is - Canada is freaking huge). Despite the fact that we talk on the phone almost every day, we've never met, and in fact I've only seen a picture of her once. Having no other housemates who work from home, I don't have a whole lot of company during the day.

So when a raccoon appears outside my office window and hangs out for a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon, well, I take pictures.

Sadly, I didn't think to take pictures until he was already scurrying up the tree, so that's the best one that I got.

That's right, Fatty. You're hanging out with the Arcade Fire...I'm taking pictures of raccoons in my backyard. Now who's living the Vida Loca?


Anonymous DeeDee said...

Aw man, can you send that critter over here? It is also lonely in the Beaches!!
Perhaps there is a song in that...

11:48 AM  

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