Monday, October 31, 2005

Hey, who are you anyway?

I swear to god, I didn't even anticipate this happening and I wouldn't bring it up and reopen old wounds...except that I need to. Sorry, Lindsay.

So we had a Hallowe'en party on Saturday night. Fun was had by all, and those who did show up to our last minute party (I sent out the invitation on Friday afternoon) went all out, to say the least (Derek as Bjork in that swan dress was probably the people's choice but honourable mention goes to, well, everybody). Sadly, almost all of my pictures were on Polaroid, so unless I get a burst of energy and spare time to scan them in, you'll have to come and visit if you want to see them.

My costume started as the fourth member of Dee-lite...then it turned into some dude who didn't make the final cut for Arrested Development (the band, not the show...sheesh). To be fair, it probably wasn't very obvious exactly what I was. That said, when you take to the streets you don't have time to explain such things so I got a lot of guesses (mostly "Elton John").

Then, at 2 in the morning on Bloor Street, a rather intoxicated woman standing outside Clinton's came up with my favourite guess of the night:

"Hey, I got it! You're that guy in Moxy Fruvous!"

Sorry Jian - don't shoot the messenger.


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