Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Speedy McFasterton takes on the Teedot

I don't know that y'all are doing this Saturday, but if you find yourself sitting around idle, wondering what to do, take a minute and cross your fingers for the collective members of Speedy McFasterton:

Chris "Crazy Legs" Caners
David "Potato Face" D'Amico
Vanessa "Hawkeye" Koepke
and yours truly, Mike "Danger" Stringer

...in the Toronto edition of Navigate the Streets. It's like an Amazing race type of thing, except it's not on TV and if we win the money goes mostly to charity. Also, we don't get to go to Thailand or anything, but we might make it to Etobicoke.

Woot, Etobicoke!

Seriously though, it's gonna be good. It's basically a scavenger hunt, and who doesn't like a good scavenger hunt?

Today's music: Eye of the Tiger. Cue training montage.


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