Friday, September 23, 2005

Jian Ghomeshi, Astronaut

Lindsay, I'm so sorry to write this because it would be great if we could be friends and all, and I know that you're going to resent me for making fun of your friend, and I REALLY REALLY want to get invited to one of Jian Ghomeshi's parties with you, and when he called you on your cellphone at breakfast the other day I felt like I was so close to Moxy Fruvous that I could literally taste it, but it needs to be said here and now:

Jian Ghomeshi's new music is worse than Moxy Fruvous ever was.

And for those of you who are just joining us now, Moxy Fruvous was embarassing enough.

Seriously, though. Go to his website and it pops up in a window and starts playing immediately without asking you if you WANT to hear Jian Ghomeshi's new album. And the best part? It leaves the old front page open behind it, so you can still here the amazingly arrogant camera-shutter noise that comes from the picture changing on the original page clicking away in the background, drawing our attention to yet another shot of beautiful, beautiful Jian Ghomeshi.

Best lines so far, from a song called "Father" that is, apparently, a tribute to Pierre Trudeau:

"My father said that you were just.
And my father said that you did what you must.
And my father was an immigrant.
And I'm sorry that he never met you."

Barf. Go back to your a cappella, Jian. Please. I'll even sing along to "King of Spain" on your forthcoming greatest hits album if you'll only just stop making music that sounds like Bryan Adams II.


Blogger Sallie said...

He looks really, really creepy in that picture. Kind of like he'd eat you if given the chance. Make him go awaaaaaayyyyyy!

1:18 AM  

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