Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back from the East, Abortions Caused Katrina

Whooo! I'm back from my Excellent Adventure a la Bill and Ted, but with less time travel and Wyld Stallyn, but more lobster killing, Buddhist Monestaries and the ghost of PT Barnum. More on all that later this week once I've had a few minutes to put together a mini travel diary with some pictures and such. Sorry - I know it sucks to be kept waiting, but work piled up while I was gone so I've got to put off my leisurely computer time for a couple of days in the interest of keeping my job.

That said, I can't possibly not take to time to point you all to this article which you'll probably have to watch an ad to read, but it's worth it. Seems that, according to the devoted faithful in the Columbia Christians for Life, Hurricane Kartina is God's none-too-subtle Old Testamenty way of closing the 5 abortion clinics in New Orleans. I mean it's obvious, isn't it? Look at the satellite imagery...the storm even looks like a fetus if you catch it at the right moment...and photograph it according to our man-made idea of "North equals Up"...and then turn it around...and then squint your eyes a bit...oh, fuck it.

I don't care where you stand on the abortion debate, these nutbuckets make the Elvis-is-an-Alien, fold-your-$20-bill-to-look-like-the-twin-towers people look like cautious skeptics.


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