Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So we finally got our VOIP phone. I can't tell you what a good deal this is, we pay freakin' $30/month for unlimited long distance and local phone service, no extra charges ever. Well, unless we start making a lot of 900 number calls.

Once again, I got excited to try to figure out something that my phone number spells. I've always been so envious of people who get the good phone numbers, like my friend Dan-O in highschool whose family phone number was DAN-SEXY (sorry to Dan-O's family if you still have that number and the crazies start calling, I'll leave off the area code just for you).

Anyway, I've been disappointed again. The best thing that I can get out of my phone number is xy-KING-z (where x, y and z are three different numbers that don't fit with KING but I'm not telling you what they are, Snooper McNoseyville). Not so hot, and no easier to remember than the numerical digits of my number.


Good thing that I'm cheered by the fact that I get to see The Apostle of Hustle this weekend for the second time in three weeks.


Blogger Anthony Maragna said...

From the Globe and Mail ( "Landlines have made it relatively simple for authorities to get a lock on, say, a distressed family reporting a home invasion..."

Home invasion. HOME INVASION.

11:08 PM  

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