Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ok, ok already.

I've now officially changed the number of posts that show up on the front page of my blorg. After getting numerous complaints about showing too many posts, I've shortened the list to the most recent 6. Hopefully this is good enough for you formatting-Nazi-types.

Also, sorry about the lack of posts since last Wednesday. Yesterday was actually the only day since then that I've spent on the computer, mostly due to the fact that I've been tearing this wicked pile of junk:

out of our basement (we're so going to get lynched by the Annex neighbourhood association) and working on various other renovation type chores.

In the realm of good news, we got a wicked chocolate-brown couch for $150 in the Ikea as-is section because it was missing one single pillow (that's it, one pillow!). This is hardly exciting news, I know, but you should have seen Sarah fighting tooth and nail against the other guy who wanted to get his hands on the couch after we'd already laid claim to it. True, she lost a couple of teeth and a nail in the tussle; but you should see how her opponent and his life partner look today. Sarah might not be big, but she can be mean, and once she got her hands on that as-is Kryssbo lamp it was all over.

Oh, and this is Briscoe, one of our new kittens:

The other one (Logan) is MIA right now, but I finally found my camera - it was hiding in my camera bag, oddly enough - so I'll get him later today when he comes out of hiding.


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