Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Never, ever trust me with your money.

So after a series of agonizing weeks on the Hollywood Stock Exchange I've managed to amount to the incredible task of regaining the money that I lost in the first four days that I was a member. That's right, I'm within $800 of getting back to the $2 million that they gave me for free when I first signed up. And strangely enough, I mostly have Charlie and the Cocolate Factory to thank for that, despite the fact that I have still not seen it (soon, I swear).

So hey, if you ever have a chunk of money that you want to break even on over a few weeks, I'm your man. stop, the moon.


Blogger Anthony Maragna said...

2.9 million.

Almost 50% in a few short weeks.

Also, thanks to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

4:56 PM  

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