Wednesday, August 10, 2005

MTV: weiners.

It's bad enough that MTV won't even play music videos...and they won't even be happy now that they've managed to influence even our great little Much Music to stop playing actual music and start repeating Making the Band and Pimp my Ride ten million times a day. No, now they have to go and ban British Sea Power's great pop-worthy video for Please Stand Up from playing because it includes the lyric "a little excitement makes us all wetter, wetter." I mean, have you even watched the video? It depicts the members of the band, in long sleeves even, calmly playing their lovely music in a cabin in the woods.

No violence... drunk starlets driving cars into swimming pools and then coming up in wet clothes and slinking over the hood of the car.

Maybe this is the lesson of the day. Tasteful, banned bands of the world, listen up. Next time you want to get your video on MTV, make sure that you get some ladies in hot pants dancing around - then they will overlook your scandalous lyrics.


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