Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Franz Ferdinand returns

So there's a posting of Franz Ferdinand's alledged next hit, recorded live last month, on their website. Do You Want To (Or Do You Want It, according to the ID3 Tag) is hilariously rock-star, including the lines "I woke up this morning and said 'I've gotta make someone love me today,' and now I know it's you...Lucky-lucky, you're so lucky!"

There's one problem - I don't think that I like it very much. Maybe the live version just doesn't do it justice, but somehow I can't imagine getting super-excited when this eventualy comes on the radio. I feel like my worst fears about Franz Ferdinand's one-hit-wonderfulness are about to come to fruition.

I hope to high heaven that I'm wrong, because I have had a lot of fun dancing to these Scottish fellows' music in the past...despite the fact that their show that I attended at the Docks was an inaccessible, crowded, sweaty waste of money with bad acoustics and a balding ponytailed crazy-dancer hitting me with his flailing limbs every time a drum roll went off. Damn you, The Docks.


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