Monday, July 25, 2005

Best. Pickup. Ever.

Hats off to my friend Tania. Today is her day.

Tania has been riding the bus downtown to work from Scarborough every day for quite some time now, and back in May one particular bus driver started to catch her eye. Apparently he looks like Viggo Mortensen, but he's from Pickering. Last Friday they started chatting and today - you guessed it - she asked him out.

The good news is that he said yes. They're going out tomorrow.

The bad news is that now Tania has a burden of proof on her shoulders - Steve (that's his name) almost certainly thinks that she's a borderline madwoman, so now she has to show that, despite the fact that she is the type of person who would ask her bus driver out on a date, she's actually a sane and lovely person.

My fingers are crossed for ya, Tania.

Update: Bus driver man turns out to be not worth the effort. Shame, but hey - we're still proud of Tania for her brazenness.


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