Monday, June 13, 2005

Island Fun

For all those who are wondering: Yes, Toronto Island is just about the best thing to do in this fine city when the thermometer hits 30C. We left on the ferry on just about the grossest, stickiest day you can imagine, travelled a remarkably short distance across the harbour and landed in a little island paradise.

For real, I know that sounds cheesy, but when you can pay $6 to have a boat take you, in 20 minutes, no less, from pavement and exhaust and sticky humidity to a grassy, windy park with bike trails and a haunted lighthouse and a nude beach full of strange naked men...well, how can I be overly enthusiastic?

Sarah and Rajo even got a picture with one particularly enthusiastic naked man, but he made us promise not to put it up on the internet so sadly I can't show it to you here.

Oh, and I got to play frizbee with a Boston Terrier for a few hours, and lemme tell ya, I love those weird little dogs.


Anonymous fatty said...

You're a Boston Terrier.

2:01 PM  

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