Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"In common sense, it is difficult to consider that wearing a cabbage leaf will affect pitches"

Korean Baseball authorities have banned Park Myung-Hwan (who is ranked as the second-best pitcher in the Korean National Baseball League) from stuffing his baseball cap with cold cabbage leaves. The league was so embarrassed when cabbage leaves fell out of Park's hat on national TV that they met in special session to weigh in on the issue. To solve the problem, they simply added cold cabbage leaves to the list of "foreign substances" that are banned from the field.

Ok, this is a stretch, I know, I'm basically copying the text of the linked article...I mean, I even heard this on the radio this morning. That said, I really need to get the kitten off the top of the list before I cause trouble in my friends' relationships.

Bear with me, people.


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