Friday, June 24, 2005

Hollywood Stock Exchange!

Check it out! (broken link fixed)

Join the Hollywood Stock Exchange and you will be given $2M to play with in buying and selling stock in Hollywood movies and stars. It's pretty fun, although so far it's good that I'm not playing with real money - in one day I've already lost a whopping $35,000. *blush* If you want some buying advice you should refer to Fatty - from what I hear he's printing his own money over there.

My portfolio at this point consists of:

13383 shares of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (CFACT)

1449 shares of the new Dukes Of Hazzard movie (DUKES)

1100 shares of Donald Sutherland (DSUTH)

1000 shares of Keifer Sutherland (KSUTH) - I'm going for the Sutherland duo here

771 shares of Jessica Simpson (JSIMP) - sorry, couldn't resist...besides, I read on the front cover of a magazine at Dominion that she's making a comeback with a smarter image, so we'll see if it pays off or not

15000 shares of Michelle Williams (MWILL) - bought this by mistake, but it's doing well so hey, bonus.

10253 shares of Val Kilmer (VKILM) - I figure all the Val Kilmers around Toronto must be helping his career at least a little bit

and of course...

1000 shares of Natalie Portman (NPORT) - Star Wars did not treat you well...

...but you're just so cute.


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