Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Baliens, Twobeans

So Sarah's got this story about Baliens that I won't relate here because it's her story and it's from before my time, but it got me to thinking: You can find just about anything on the internet. Surely there must be other Baliens out there somewhere.

It was this reasoning that led me to Twobeans. He's got an image in his "PITCHURZ" section (shudder) of two women, the one on the right apparently being someone called Balien.

I was going to keep moving on the Balien track from here - after all, a Google image search for Balien yields a few great finds - but for some reason I happened to scroll forward a few pictures in Twobeans' "PITCHURZ."

That's when I came across this little gem:

and I knew that I'd struck gold.

Take a look around - of special interest are the self portraits. Twobeans is not one of those guys who comes up with a fantastic idea like "I would look GREAT with a third eye!" or "What would I look like if I was in the Blue Man Group?" or "A cigar and a PVC pipe would make me look so badass!" and then lets the idea slide. No, he follows up on that idea, no matter how loud the "nays" are being said from the sidelines.

Rock on, Twobeans.


Anonymous DeeDee said...

You may already have heard this, but the hero of Kingdom of Heaven is another Balien. Balian, though. SAME DIFFERENCE.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Wow, I had no idea that there was such a high profile Balian out there.

I've been schooled, no doubt about it. Summer schooled, no less.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Two Beans said...


10:01 PM  

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