Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Ok so I've been slacking, I know - 6 days is too long to leave my adoring audience waiting (my statmeter now shows that I now have a staggering TWO people reading my blog).

I broke down yesterday and finally got a new mountain bike (I would put up a picture but I lost my camera cable so I'm blind to the Web for a few days). It was actually a sweet deal 'cause it was a 2004 20" frame that the bike shop had been having trouble unloading, so the price was chopped waaaay down. It's like when I'm shoe shopping and the desperate salespeople have cut a pair of size 14 shoes down to, like, $1.28 because I'm a freak and nobobdy else in the city has size 14 feet. It also makes up for when I go into Aldo and they tell me that they don't stock shoes for "my kind" (oh, the prejudice that I suffer).

Also, if any of the one other people who read this are interested in going to see British Sea Power tonight, you should come to Toronto because Tina is threatening to ditch me with a ticket for - sigh - yoga. I am crushed.


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