Thursday, May 05, 2005

Livin' in the Ghetto...

Actually I don't live in a Ghetto at all, I just live on the edge of a sketchy neighbourhood. Sketchy enough that last night, there was a double shooting right around the corner at the oh-so-classy House Of Lancaster II (it's the "II" that really adds to the class of the place - nothing like a strip club with a sequel).

The freaky-deakiest part of the whole thing is that when I was walking to return some videos this morning ("Homicide" season 3, but that's not the freaky part) I walked by a taxi cab that had been abandoned in the middle of the street (just off College) that was cordoned off by police tape, and a forensics team was going over the taxi. It was just like CSI, but they weren't wearing $3000 Italian suits. Sadly, nothing happened in CGI, extreme closeup, slow-mo detail while I was walking by.


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