Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Go Belinda! Go-go Belinda!

I can't believe it. I've been resigned to the inevitability of an election for weeks now and at the last minute I get a ray of hope! And from who?

That's right. The unlikely Belinda Stronach. She's following her father's footsteps and crossing to the Liberal party, which might mean that the Liberals will have enough votes to maintain a minority government. And you know what that means?

I might get to go to the cottage this weekend.

That's right - I'm that much of a selfish bastard that I'm more excited about the fact that I get to go to a cottage this weekend than I am about the prospect of a government that could bring a serious shift to the left in Canadian politics. I'm sure that after the weekend I'll be back in good old politically conscious mode, but right now (and especially with the weather report right now) I just want to swim and drink beer at the lake.


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