Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gellin' like a Felon

Once upon a time, I thought little of the French idea of having a group of intellectuals who decided what words could be added to the Petit Robert Dictionary by vote. I thought this was a rather snotty way to determine what was "proper" language and what would be excluded. I was glad that the leading dictionary of my native language, the Oxford, uses a more populist method of determining what is "English" by ensuring that anything that occurs in a certain number of published sources could make it into the official lexicon. "Power to the people!" was my cry.

Alas, today I've had all of that changed by a single entry in the Urban Dictionary.

"Ain't" I can handle, but it makes my skin crawl to think that "Gellin' like a Felon" could one day be considered to be valid English. Even the Winona Ryder reference isn't enough to make me want to forgive this atrocity.


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