Monday, May 09, 2005

Death Penalty for Bike Thieves

No, seriously. I know they're just punks who want a few bucks to buy some stolen kicks outta the back of a van, or they're desperate junkies who are getting $25 to steal my $600 bike. But seriously, this needs to stop, and I think that the Chair is just the deterrent that is called for. I mean,'re stealing from the poor (who can't afford cars), the environmentally conscious (who don't want to pollute with engines) and the active, who are just trying to get a bit of extra exercise.

I have lost 4 bikes in the last three years.

Four bikes. Three years. Total cost of lost bikes (plus locks that were cut off): $2600.

Two in Kingston, two here, and all four were locked up. The latest was only a few weeks ago, right off my front porch. I thought that the $150 lock that I was using would be tough enough to keep anything secure, but they snipped it in half like it was made of wet spaghetti. Then I was sure that I could get it replaced (the lock came with a bike replacement guarantee) but it turns out that I didn't fill out the paperwork correctly to register the bike.

Several heated conversations later, Master graciously agreed to replace the lock that was cut, but no new bike. What can I take what you can get, right? This lock comes with the same guarantee, and let me tell you, I am going to go over the fine print with a microscope to make sure that my new bike will be insured against the next theft (which, according to schedule, should be about 5 months from now).

But in the meantime, I'll be running on a one-issue independent platform, come next election:

"Vote Mike 2005: Death Penalty for Bike Thieves!"


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