Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Amazing gRace

I just have to get this out:

I'm sooooo happy that Uchenna and Joyce Agu won the Amazing Race. So happy. I have to admit, I kinda hated Uchenna at first for his boisterous over-eagerness, but I really came over to their camp when they suddenly became the underdogs.

Don't get me wrong - I loved Amber and Rob. They're great, especially when you compare them to Ron and Kelly (what an awful couple). But it was lovely - so lovely! - to see Uchenna and Joyce come up from last place, begging for money in the airport (and in the parking lot ten feet away from the finish line!) with nothing but the clothes on their backs, not even being allowed to explain to people why they were begging for money...and winning the race! Unbelievable!

Also, I'm SO going to be in front of the TV for Amber's and Rob's wedding next month. Hilarious.


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